Hema Fencing Jackets

Code: HFG-1805


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Anatomical sleeves.
  • Designed for HEMA practitioners
  • Upper – unique 350N fabric with increased durability
  • molle fasteners for external plastic shields on shoulders, elbows, forearms
  • Pockets for eva/plastic plates in the collar (included)
  • Tightening on the figure with a strap
  • Plastic detail on the collar to protect the throat.
  • Constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining
  • Padding – 4-6 layers of cotton batting Lining-cotton
  • The HEMA jacket is specially designed for HEMA and dueling fencing. Jacket reliably protects the body from pricks and blows, but at the same time it is as mobile as possible.
  • The composite sleeve design improves mobility of the elbows and shoulders compared to conventional quilted jackets. Throat protection is provided by double overlapping layers.

For Size Chart
You can send us your own Custom Size Chart. For Our Size Chart , Send email request on. info@hemafencinggear.com
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